J80 - Courses Cruise ship

J80 courses Levels of Initiation, Intermediate and Advanced
Monday to Friday

Cruise (J80) Courses Monday to Friday

Courses designed to learn how to sail as a team and train in the different positions of the crew inside a sailboat.
Training courses, where the student will find an individualized teaching according to his level and previous experience.
The duration of the training will depend on the evaluation of the student’s items, so it is not fixed.
Personalized teaching by items allows the student to be part of his training; as it is an active element of it, and can accelerate its formation process; through research, self-learning and participation in Regattas.
Objectives of the Training Courses: Autonomy of the student in the coastal navigation in Cruise (Level C).
Cruise Items are the set of skills needed to achieve this autonomy.

Courses and Prices
4-hour departures
For days
1 day: Member: € 30 Non-member: € 60
2 days: Member: € 55 Non-member: € 110
3 days: Member: € 75 Non-member: € 150
4 days: Member: 90 Non-Member: € 180
5 days: Member: € 100 Non-member: € 200
Minimum of 3 people for the course
Monthly 1 day a month: Member: € 25 Non-member: € 50
Fortnightly 2 days a month Member: € 45 Non-member: € 90
Weekly 4 days a month Member: € 85 Non-member: € 170
If you become a member for the first 6 months, the course is free Monthly, Fortnightly € 25 and Weekly € 45
Morning 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Afternoon 15:30 to 19:30 (13:30 to 17:30 October to March)
Annual Sailor License
Be over 17 years old





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